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Vanilla Cottage 5 star

Hurrah the renovations at Vanilla Cottage are ended and we had our Visit Wales grading inspection yesterday. Retained our 5 star as well. Jobs a good 'un! We have a few limited edition short breaks for January and February which are excellent value- come see!
New kitchen and bathroom pics are now on our website and pics of the other rooms will follow after the Christmas decorations have been removed. Now, wheres that corkscrew......

Blown away by the Carols at Tintern Abbey

A cheerful party to the Torchlit carols under the arches of roofless Tintern Abbey last night -despite 70 mile an hour winds and torrential rain. How very British. Still an atmospheric start to the festive season- but we were mighty glad to return to the twinkling lights,mulled wine ,baked potatoes and woodburner of cosy Tintern Abbey Cottage across the road!

Advent breaks have started. at Monmouthshire Cottages

We turned on the Christmas lights for the arrivals at Abbey Cottage this evening and Christmas stockings and cinnamon candles await all our guests at all three cottages from now to the big day itself. Ho Ho Ho!

Skate and meet Santa in Blaenavon!

More Opportunities to sightsee, skate and meet Santa in one place in our area next weekend, start here, then move on to Usk for the reindeer. Fabulous!

Out on the tiles

No less than two tilers busy in Vanilla Cottage square-ing up to the task of making old and very unstraight walls all shiny bright and new. One cussing upstairs in the bathroom, and one cussing downstairs in the kitchen . Good luck guys. There might be a right angle there somewhere but you will have to search hard for it! At least now the electricians are done you can shine a light on the problem.......

Our local shop is a winner!

Guests at Foxes Reach and at Tintern Abbey Cottage are well aware of the excellence of our local shop in Brockweir and its amazing range of local produce .The prestigious BBC Food Awards have now recognised it too. Congratualtions team!

White out at Vanilla Cottage

If it moves salute it. If it stays still paint it white. So learns a young British Army sqaddie. Some of them should come and work at Vanilla Cottage. Everything is being undercoated ( white), bleached ( white), tiled ( white) , grouted ( white) or scrubbed ( knuckles white). In some cases all of that. All the linen is being renewed ( white). Is there a theme going on here? . Please just let the snow stay away till we are done. Would not be all white to have that right now.......

Old smoky

Mike the roof has been revitalising the chimneys at Vanilla and was just finishing off the pointing when the guys indoors wanted some warmth to dry their plaster- so I lit the woodburner..........Anyone want to hire a kipper?

Happy Thanksgiving

To all our many guests from across the big pond. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving .We hope to see you at Monmouthshire Cottages again before too long.

Somethin's cookin'

Jo the Joiner busily fitting the posh new kitchen at Vanilla Cottage- looks so bright and shiny ( not the poor joiner who is covered in dust!). Cant wait to play house!