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Happy New Year!

A Very Happy, peaceful and prosperous 2014 to all of our guests, workmen and neighbours!

Mae hi'n scorchio (as we say in Wales!)

Mae hi'n scorchio (as we say in Wales!) My but its scorching! Again around 28C and hasnt gone below that for 3 weeks almost.. Not that we are complaining!

WHAT is that?

The flatcoat retreiver at Tintern AAbbey Cottage this week came face to face with our local wild peacock. Which do you suppose was more appalled?!

June saver offers at Monmouthshire Cottages

Foxes Reach 01 June WAS £869 NOW SAVE £130 as we want to resell this unexpected cancellation .Party of up to 6 includes hot tub NOW £739 ONE DOG STAYS FREE

Tintern Abbey Cottage June 4-8 June £459 for 6 or £359 for a party of only 2 using one bedroom. Pets £15 max 2.

Spring is possibly springing?

Spent the first pecaeful afternoon of the year mowing the lawn, weeding and generally tidying up in the garden at Vanilla. NO gloves needed! Cold wind but sunshine also! The poor garden has been battered by snow, frost, moles and not necessarily in that order, and the lavender hedge is very scruffy a s a result - but it has started to look better for my efforts and the first cut of grass smells so great. Is spring springing?

Is it a snow globe?

Our garden looks like one of those childrens snow globes. Snow in the air but blue skies and not much settling. Quite odd really.

Spring weather

Today we have snow at Foxes Reach but nothing to speak of at Vanilla or Tintern. Yesterday afternoon we had bright blue skies .Its quite beautiful with snow on the mountains and daffs struggling up cheerfully. But pretty or not you cant help wishing that some warmth would hurry up and get here!

Cheltenham Festival

We have enjoyed seeing our Irish racing friends over for the festival and hasnt there been some grand racing! Cold dry weather ( we hope) and a warm welcome( for sure) awaits you all again next time you stay at Monmouthshire Cottages!

Wall to wall sunshine!

Happy St Davids Day

Happy St Davids Day to all our guests friends and colleagues. Will you wear a Daff or a leek?